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About Samsung Mobile Phones

Samsung mobiles are well-known for combining style with awesome tech, for a smartphone that performs just as good as it looks. Some of the best examples are the Samsung Galaxy S21 FE and Samsung S22 Plus handset, which offer fantastic rear cameras and amazingly detailed screens that are perfect for gaming, watching and more. So, if you’re looking for the best Samsung mobile phone deals, we’ve got something for to suit everyone.

Treat yourself and go big with a Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra that’s packed with top-notch features, and is ready for lightning-fast 5G networks – no more dropped connections or sluggish downloads for you! Then there’s the latest Samsung Galaxy A22, which is also 5G ready so you’ll have quick download speeds in seconds anywhere, anytime.

Sound good? Then take a look at our Samsung mobile deals, with pay monthly contract and unlimited data options available. Or you can pay in full for a SIM-free handset that you can just use your existing card with.

Head on over to our Advice & Inspiration page if you’d like to know more, or have any questions. There’s some helpful guides on upgrades, setting up parental controls, and you can even see some of our personal recommendations.

Did you know that an estimated 1.4 trillion photos were taken last year and of that, 90% being captured on a mobile phone? Find out more interesting statistics in the result of out latest survey on the impact of lockdown has had on our photos.