New term, new phone – it’s a no brainer! To keep up with the demands of a new academic year you’ll need a good piece of tech to help you. That’s why we have pulled together our top pick of handset deals to ensure you have all you need to ace this term.


Best For School

We know that kids are far more tech savvy these days and there comes a time when they will need a handset to help them with schoolwork and keep up with friends. As the bill payer, you’ll want some parental control over data limits and what they can access online. A pay as you go phone might be a good idea to cap spending and many phones now come with safety features to protect what your children can and can’t do.


Best For College

As kids get older they need a handset that can keep up with their studies as well as their ever-increasing social life. They’re going to be on the lookout for a phone with all the latest apps, whether it’s TikTok and Instagram, or music to listen to on their commute to college. They might even be considering their first phone on contract. Whatever they’re after, there’s a great deal to be had with our smartphone bundles.

Best For University

Whether it’s for use on campus or keeping in touch with family and friends back home, students need a host of flexible features on a wallet-friendly tariff. We’ve weighed up the phones with the best cameras, processing speeds and storage together with optimum data packages to make that student budget stretch even further.


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