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We offer a wide range of the best mobile phones

We always want our customers to find a phone that's right for them. Whether you're after the latest and greatest, or a model without all the bells and whistles, we've a phone for everyone.

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We make your life easier

Since 1992, we’ve been helping customers get the best deal on their dream phone. We firmly believe in giving you the highest quality, for the lowest price. That’s why we work with three of the UK’s leading networks to do all the haggling for you, so you can easily find the best deals all in one place.

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We've caught some attention

It always feels good to be a winner. And we're super proud to say we've been awarded a bunch of major industry awards - including “What Mobile Best Online Retailer” and “Mobile News Awards Online Retailer of the Year” - several years in a row. And it was our commitment to excellent customer service that bagged us the 2022 Uswitch Mobile Reseller of the Year award. Our dedicated team gives it their all when it comes to helping customers. So, we're thrilled that the judging panel of industry journalists noticed that too. Our trophy cabinet is full to bursting. Go us!

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See what others have to say

From the call centre to everyone behind the scenes, everyone is always striving to take any stress off you. So, we're proud to have so many happy customers. We're rated 4.5 stars from over 55,000 customers.

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We're a part of the AO family

AO are a well-known and loved brand and we share a lot of the same values. We’re all about having the happiest customers so we’re a perfect match. When you smile, we know we’ve done a good job. It’s at the heart of everything we do, and it’s the reason our logo is always smiling.

When it comes to selling appliances and electricals, AO have got the lot. Washing machines? Yep. TVs? Check. Laptops? Absolutely. Except doorbells (just kidding, we’ve got those too). And now, with Mobile Phones Direct, we’ve got a fantastic range of mobile phones and SIM plans too.

AO started in a pub in Bolton, a £1 bet and a mission that things could be done better! 20 years later, we have amazing scores on Trustpilot, help over eight million customers every year and employ more than 3,000 people.

So, what does that mean if you’re already a customer of Mobile Phones Direct? The good thing is that nothing changes. You’ll still get the amazing service and great deals that you’re used to. And now, you can rest assured you’re shopping with a company that puts you at the heart of everything they do.

AO, Let’s Go!

Bundle of three mobile handsets

Sharing the love

When people trade-in their old phones, we fix them up so they’re all shiny and new again, ready to go to a new home and be by someone else’s side day and night. Plus, they’re a lot cheaper, making them kinder to your wallet, as well as the environment.

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Setting the record straight

With some of the great deals we have on site, we don’t blame you for wondering if they’re too good to be true. But we want to put your mind at ease, so we’ve de-bunked a few questions you might have seen yourself.

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Bundle of four mobile handsets

Like what you see?

Who can blame you; we’re a dazzling bunch! All jokes aside, we’ve told you about all we’re doing to make shopping for a new phone effortless. Now all that’s left is for you to see for yourself. Put us to the test.

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