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5G Mobile phone contract deals

Wave goodbye to loading times, as 5G speeds give you access to everything, instantly.

What are the main benefits?

Without getting too technical, the main benefits compared to 4G include:

  • Faster download and upload speeds
  • Handles more devices and data at once
  • Loads pages instantly
  • Responds quicker in games
  • Wider coverage once it’s rolled out

This means that gaming and watching films on-the-go will truly be better than ever before (and you won’t have to watch loading icons spin around, and around, and around…).

Can I use 5G on any phone?

To see the benefits of 5G, you’ll need a phone that’s been built with the latest spec to really take advantage of these unbelievable network speeds. If you’re using an older phone in a 5G area, you’ll only get a stronger 4G connection. So, when looking for a new 2-year contract, why not future-proof yourself with one of our 5G ready models?

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Why Switch

What is 5G?

5G is the fifth generation of wireless technology that lets you get online with your phone, wherever you are, but to really understand it you need to jump back to the beginning with 1G. When this came around, a new world of being able to call others from a mobile came to light, while 2G brought texting to the table. With 3G you were able to jump online, and then 4G improved on this, allowing you to scroll through social media whenever and wherever. 5G is the next step up, giving us faster upload and download speeds, cinematic streaming quality, and will open the doors to so much more.

4G Vs 5G: Why switch over?

With speeds that could reach up to 100x faster than 4G, 5G really does make a world of difference. 4G has become our way of life, but it’s now starting to struggle to keep up with busy lifestyles and is overcrowded in public spaces, leaving you with annoying loading times and buffering in videos. Well, 5G boots all of these problems right out the door, letting you download boxset episodes quickly, and then stream each one in stunning quality without any buffering. Plus, if you’re really into your games, 5G massively helps response time too, so you’ll never be able to blame missing your final kill on any annoying lagging.

Why Switch

5G Mobile phone contract deals

Downloading, streaming, even a good old-fashioned text message – 5G phones can make a huge difference. But what is 5G? It’s a much faster network than 4G for starters, so you can grab new apps in a flash, or catch an episode of the latest boxset with no buffering. And you’ll see smiling faces in amazing detail on video calls too. It really is that good. Not convinced? Head over to our Advice and Inspiration page for more info on why you should switch.

At Mobile Phones Direct, you’ll find some of the cheapest 5G phones, with contracts from the best UK providers, including Vodafone and Three. That means you can get a lightning-quick handset for a fraction of the cost. But if you have cash to splash, check out the Samsung Galaxy S20 5G range or the Apple iPhone 13 Pro Max handsets– you won’t be disappointed. They’re some of the best 5G phones available in the UK.

What’s even better, is that you don’t need a new SIM for 5G to work. That means you can pick up a SIM-free 5G phone from us and pop your old card in. It’ll work just fine.

But if you’re worried about 5G being dangerous, there’s no need to panic. It falls in the same range as TV and radio, and we’ve got a helpful article explaining more of the ins and outs if you’re feeling anxious about it.